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Biology, natural phenomena and Technologies (BNT)

Course of action-associated capabilities reset 2.1 Getting Know-how 2.1 getting knowledge phenomena observe and describe subjective perceptions summarize and objective sizes change easy Specifications increasingly findings of statements distinguish all natural phenomena and specialised troubles questions formulate, create presumptions and experimentally check experiments under the guidance plan, implement and evaluate essay help a concrete type critical use shape attributes of microorganisms requirement referenced compare and describe easy resolve helps effectively implement uncomplicated ways to resolving a research or technological challenge produce 2.2 correspondence 2.2 communicating with all the scientific and technical work with a staff assume responsibility for operate steps, work together persevering whilst aims and duties examine pertinent her method their s observations and the outcomes of their job document for illustrating results and data proper charts and tables to develop contacts involving daily situations and technical and scientific issues to create facts appropriate sign up giving appropriate facts of reality or day-to-day texts and artwork representations in an right techie expressions structured enjoy more and more somewhere between day-to-day vocabulary and specialized expressions brief description discern uncomplicated drawings and sketches read and create 2.3 assessment 2.3 evaluation controlled expertise for solving day-to-day challenges is smart to use the statements of creatures to their environment with additional info all the homes circumstances to be a property or farm creatures review picked out suggestions and critically consider programs of motion for the environmentally identify and natural everyday life tolerable and implementation barriers recognise medical – It and practical expertise to assess risks and safety safe practices to implement economically and ecologically dependable way with energy and materials circumvent their decisions as well as results based on predefined requirements reflect and evaluate 2.4 Prep 2.4 Preparing of straightforward planning docs employ resources and easy machines safely and professionally making use of easy techie stuff final program very simple specialized attributes and managing problems in the creation of merchandise conquer leading views – – GNI (specifics) – risks and importance of environmentally friendly progression (particulars) – complexity and dynamics of sustainable improvement (specifics) – beliefs?? And requirements in decision making (specifics) – requirements for sustainability-accommodating and-inhibiting activity (facts) -involvement and participation, engagement (facts) – democracy functionality (aspects) – Friedensstrateg ien (details) – training for tolerance and acceptance of variety (information) – social and Personal assortment (information) – Value-based control (information) – tolerance, solidarity and inclusion low-discrimination (information) – self-detection and approval of other life types (specifics) – styles ofprejudice and stereotypes, cliches (facts) – trouble decision and reconciliation of likes and dislikes ( specifics) – safeguard of minorities (information) – intercultural types and interreligious conversation (specifics) – health and prevention advertising (details) – perception and sensation (specifics) – personal-regulation and mastering (particulars) – exercise and relaxation (information) – hygiene and body (specifics) – diet (information) – addiction and dependency (facts) – bullying and abuse (information) – safety and accident prevention (particulars) – BO (particulars) – Subject-precise and motion-oriented s access to operate and qualified existence (Particulars) – facts about occupations, study, career and education paths (facts) – verification and assessment possess capabilities and potential (Details) – Sex facets when picking a family, career and life arranging (information) – competency examination, abilities evaluation and final decision education (aspects) – design and planning of the change to training, studies and career (facts) – multimedia Learning (facts) – media channels organization (information) – marketing evaluation (facts) – knowledge and information (aspects) – cooperation and communication (information) – presentation and production (details) – protection of Children (details) – Informational self-determination Notice (details) – i. T concepts (facts) – customer Training (information) – use their unique tools (aspects) – opportunities and risks of existence (Deta ils) – demands and wishes (aspects) – Finance and Investments (aspects) – Client Liberties (specifics) – top quality of purchaser goods (Details) – everyday ingestion (aspects) – press as influencing elements (aspects) – buyer Education and learning (information)

3.1.8 Plant life 3.1.1 working and thinking ways of the natural engineering and sciences split products 3.1.2 – defending the surroundings 3.1.3 Water – an essential material 3.1.4 energy effectively 3.1.5 vertebrates 3.1.6 Continuing development of Male 3.1. 7 invertebrates 3.1.8 plant life 3.1.9 Ecology 3.1.10 A product or service created 3.1.11 develop a relocating item.

3.1.8 flowers.

Students illustrate plants and flowers as lifestyle organisms making use of their regular areas. They realize the wide range of diversity and forms. You are able to functional and structural differences and similarities define many plants and plant loved ones. They explain and describe the development and various other styles of reproduction.

The pupils can.

The typical internal organs of a flowering plant called and describe their function.

The common internal organs of an blooming plant describe and called their purpose.

The normal organs of a blooming grow called and describe their function.

Germination experiments evaluate, implement and plan.

Germination experiments implement, plan and evaluate.

Germination experiments implement, plan and evaluate.

(Z. B. Placed appearance) establishing blooms examine

(Z. B. Placed image) creating roses explore

(Z. B. Place impression) constructing fresh flowers check out

As a result of roses constructing associates of two grow households using their living environment establish (z. B. Generate Herbarium)

Motivated based on the flower design associates of several grow young families off their living environment and confirms an (z. B. Produce Herbarium)

Motivated on such basis as the floral design representatives of some plant households from the dwelling natural environment and establishes an (z. B. Create Herbarium)

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